About Castaways Consignments

Being a part of historic Downtown Hanford has always been an important component of the vision for Castaways Consignments. Opening in 1999 at its original 7th Street location, Castaways moved to the current location at 210 N. Irwin Street in 2004.

Today Castaways offers the largest selection of consignment clothing for women in the Central Valley. We receive and process hundreds of new-to-us items every day and keep the selection fresh by marking down and donating unsold items on a regular basis. Focusing on brands that offer quality AND style to fashion conscious women, we look for unique pieces that encourage individuality and value.

Trendy teens have also discovered resale shopping in a big way! Resale offers a practical way for teens to outfit themselves while watching the savings add up. When savvy young shoppers are looking for name brands in good condition, Castaways has a great selection to meet their taste. A lot of young people these days want to take something vintage and make it theirs, so resale shopping can really cater to them. Since many teens are pulling out their own wallets for shopping, they have also become suppliers to the industry, selling their clothes at Castaways as their mothers have for many years.

Castaways always supports our local schools with donations for carnivals and fundraisers. We love kids and those who are helping them get a good education.

We also support many local sports teams, and appreciate those who are helping our children become active and healthy members of the community.